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Man seeks divorce from ‘prostitute’

AFTER learning that his wife still parades as a prostitute in the night, a 39-year-old man of Buchi township now wants to divorce to allow her carry on her business.

Before Buchi local court senior magistrates Elita Bwalya and Caroline Mbewe is the case of Adams Musanshi who sued Naomi Nachalwe, 30, his wife before for divorce.
Musanshi narrated before the court that his wife was a prostitute before they got married and promised him that she would change her profession when he marries her.
“I met her while I was working at a certain company as a security guard. When I made my intentions known to her that I was going to marry her, she promised to stop prostitution,” he said.
Musanshi said Nachalwe shifts to new places without informing him and sells their household goods.
He claimed that Nachalwe denies him conjugal rights and that she is always too tired to sleep with him.
In defence, Nachalwe charged that Musanshi had infected her with HIV/AIDS, which she discovered after having their first child.
She said Musanshi knew about his HIV status and that’s the reason he persistently wanted to marry her despite knowing that she was a prostitute.
Nachalwe wondered why Munsashi left descent women to opt for a prostitute.
She accused Musanshi of having numerous girlfriends and often sleeps out of their matrimonial home.
She narrated that Musanshi once beat her up when she found him with another woman inside a bus and pleaded with the court to grant the couple divorce.
Magistrate Bwalya and Magistrate Mbewe granted the couple divorce and ordered Musanshi to pay Nachalwe a monthly maintenance fee of K250 for 3 years and to support to his four-year-old child.



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