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Man refuses to stay in sexless marriage

A SEXUALLY-STARVED husband of Kitwe has refused to continue in a sexless marriage after his wife started denying him his conjugal rights for the past one year.
Albert Kapambwe begged the Garneton Local Court to dissolve his six year old marriage because he has not been intimate with his wife for the past year.
Albert said his wife Thelma Kapambwe has not respect for him and his sexual needs.
“Thelma has no respect for me and my sexual feelings and needs. She has now extended her moods to my family and denies them food when they come to visit,’’ Albert said.
He complained before local court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu that his wife Thelma gets his salary every month-end.
“She denies me money for transport and food yet I am the one who works for the money. She is also an irresponsible mother as she constantly leaves the baby without proper care. Sometimes she goes for church meetings for two weeks leaving the baby behind,” Albert said.
But Thelma told the court that the problem in their marriage is that Albert likes spending nights away from home.
“This man left home on 11 December, 2015 and only came back on 11 January 2016 to take a table from the house and left again,’’ Thelma said.
The court advised the couple to seek counsel from both families to try and reconcile them. The matter was adjourned to February 12, 2016.