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Man to pay K10,000 for eloping girl

A 34-year-old man of Linda township has been ordered to pay K10,000 by the Chawama local court to the parents of the girl he eloped.
Daniel Kunda was sued by Zaina Mwandwe, 40, of the same township for eloping with her daughter and delaying to pay the money that he was charged for deflowering her.
But Kunda told senior court magistrates Gaston Kalala and Mubukwanu Matakala that contrary to Mwandwe’s claim, his former lover willingly moved in with him and his family after her father chased her from home.
This was heard in a case in which Kunda was sued for compensation for elopement. The court heard that Kunda between 2009 and 2012 dated and cohabited with Mwandwe’s daughter Mary Shamboko, 25. The couple have a four-year-old daughter together.
Kunda told the court that he started dating Shamboko in 2009 until the couple’s affair was discovered by by Shamboko’s father, who chased her from home.
“She followed me home and told me that her father had chased her. I asked her to move in with me and my parents but she refused and went to live with her friend within the neighbourhood. I provided everything while she stayed with her friend,” he said.
He said they only started living together after Shamboko was chased by her friend.
Mwandwe told the court that Shamboko eloped with her daughter out of fear when her father discovered she was having an affair with Kunda.
“He is the one who got my daughter into his house. Together they cohabited for three years and they even have a child now,” she said.
She said a meeting was called and Kunda was asked to pay K10,000 but he has not paid anything since.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and ordered Kunda to pay Mwandwe the K10,000 in instalments of K500.

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