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Man narrates stabbing ordeal

A 27-YEAR-OLD man of Kitwe on Monday told the Kitwe Magistrate’s Court how six teenage boys allegedly stabbed him in a bid to rob him.
This is a case in which the teenagers, aged 16, 17, 18 and 19, are charged with aggravated assault with intent to steal.
When the matter came up for plea before senior resident magistrate Daniel Musonda on February 9 this year, the juveniles denied the charge.
It is alleged that the teenagers, on January 4 this year in Kitwe, stabbed Peter Kashinga with intent to steal.
Mr Kashinga on Monday testified that on the fateful day around 17:00 hours, he was on his way home from Kitwe Central Hospital where he had gone to visit a sick friend.
He told the court that a boy in the company of his five friends waylaid him and started asking for money.
The court heard that when he told them that he had no money, one of the boys hit him with a piece of wood on his cheek and he fell.
“I told the boys I did not have any money but one of them hit me with a piece of wood and I fell. Whilst on the ground – the boys had knifes and they started stabbing me on my head until I sustained deep cuts and they stabbed me all over my body,” Mr Kashinga said.
The boys started searching him and found a Samsung phone in his pocket.
“After they saw that I was bleeding too much, they all ran but they were apprehended by members of the public,” Mr Kashinga said.