Man nabbed over daughter’s murder

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested a 36-year-old man of Shibuyunji district for allegedly killing his one-year-old daughter following a dispute with

his ex-wife, who is the mother of the dead child.
Gerald Shamabanze allegedly killed his one-year and nine months old daughter, Grace Shamabanze, on June 24, 2017 at around 20:00 hours.
The murder was reported to the police by the girl’s mother, Tindwa Shamabanze, the suspect’s ex-wife.
According to police documents, the incident happened after Shamabanze quarrelled with Tindwa, who ran away, prompting the suspect to vent his anger on the daughter.
Shamabanze allegedly hit the daughter on the head, dumped the body in a nearby bush and fled. He was, however, later apprehended.
On June 24, members of the public searched for the girl who was reportedly missing only to find her body dumped in a ditch.

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