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Man loses love for husband, seeks divorce

AFTER two years of separation, a businessman of Chelstone dragged his wife of 14 years to court for divorce saying he no longer loved her.
Elemson Ndhlovu, 28, told the Chelstone Local Court that he cannot reconcile with Kalenga Mwila because she mismanages money meant for the upkeep of the home.  He also claimed his wife was disrespectful.
Ndhlovu also said their marriage had broken down because the two could not get along.
He said efforts made to reconcile through the court  by both family members have been futile leaving him with no option but to seek divorce.
The matter was before Senior Court Magistrate Bertha Zulu in a case in which Ndhlovu sued Mwila for divorce. They got married in 2000 and have two children together.
But Mwila told the court that her efforts to reconcile with Ndhlovu failed as he was not willing.
“I cannot force him to be with me because he has rejected me on several occasions. He refused to reconcile with me when I sued him for reconciliation and he also rejected me when we had a family meeting,” she said.
Mwila however said problems in their marriage started when she was expecting their second child.
“My husband used to spend nights out while his girlfriends insulted me. He would beat me up whenever I complained about his wayward behaviour,” she said.
Mwila also alleged that Ndhlovu was living with another woman.
She did not oppose the divorce.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce because their marriage was irretrievable.
“You have stayed apart for a long time, meaning you do not love or miss each other,” the court said.
Ndhlovu was however ordered to compensate Mwila with K4, 000. He was given custody of children with consent from his wife.


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