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Man leaves jail, finds wife with child

AFTER serving one year in jail, a Kitwe man returns home to find his wife has a baby with another man.
Chama Chisha told the Buchi Local Court that he wanted his three-year marriage dissolved based on his wife Bridget Chilengwe’s infidelity.
Chisha was narrating before Senior Magistrate Elizabeth Banda in a case in which he sued Chilengwe for divorce.
He told the court that the two got married in 2012 and have one child together. However, no bride price was paid.
Chisha said all was fine in their marriage until the time he was jailed.
“Before I went to jail, I left some money with my wife to start a business to help sustain her while I was serving my sentence,” he said.
Chama said while in jail, he started hearing rumours that his wife was having an affair with another man.
“After seven months, my wife stopped visiting me in jail and when I was released, I went home and discovered that she was married to another man and that they now have a child together. I cannot stay with a woman who has a child with another man,” he said.
But Chilengwe pleaded with the court to reconcile her with her husband because she still loves him.
“I am not married to the other man. We only started cohabiting after I got pregnant but he hasn’t paid bride price. I am still married to Chisha,” she said.
However, the court dismissed the case, saying there was no marriage between Chama and Chilengwe because no bride price was paid.

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