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Man keeps ex-wife’s underwear

A KITWE woman caused laughter in the Bulangililo local court when she alleged that her former husband has refused to surrender two of her pants because he wears one of them while he uses the other as a mopping cloth.  

Appearing before Bulangililo senior local court magistrate Kambole Nyoni was Jennifer Mutenga, 28, who sued Josephat Mwamba, 30, for the return of her underwear.
Mutenga told the court that she divorced her husband in August last year but that when he brought her belongings to her new place, two of her underwear were missing.
She said when she asked her former husband the whereabouts of her underwear, he allegedly said he was wearing one of the undies while he had  turned the other one into a mopping.
She pleaded with the court to order her ex-husband to give her back her underwear so that the two can start living separate lives.
But Mwamba told the court that he wore Mutenga’s pant because his former wife always made him to wear it whenever he was going for work at the time she lived with him.
He also explained that he had to turn the other pant into a mopping cloth because it was torn.
Mutenga told the court that it was impossible to return the two pants to his former wife because they were torn.
 And Bulangililo senior local court magistrate Kambole Nyoni observed that a lot of time has passed since the couple divorced and it was obvious that the pants were indeed worn out.
However, Magistrate Nyoni ordered Mwamba to buy his former wife two undies to replace the torn ones to put the matter to rest.


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