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Man in uniform emerging

EVERY morning of the week, Bagrey Lyambai 17, walks two kilometres to school. The reason is simple; he wants to keep his dream of becoming a soldier alive.

Bagrey, a grade eight pupil at Nakabangwe Primary School in Itezhi-tezhi district, Central Province, is optimistic that he will uplift the status of his family when he acquires an education.

“I do not want to continue living a life of constantly struggling, I’m working hard at school so that I become a notable figure in society,” he says. “My mother does a small business from which she provides food and pays school fees for me.”
The third born in a family of seven, Bagrey is determined to break a record by becoming the second person to complete secondary level of education.
Though rural life seems to be too challenging, he is confident that God will one day make a way for him to prosper.
“My prayer is that God should bless me so that I can change the poverty status of my family to a comfortable life. I believe that with God, all things are possible,” he says.
Bagrey’s favourite subjects at school include English, science, geography, religious education and mathematics. He also aspires to go to China and explore that country’s culture.
Bagrey urges his fellow pupils to be focused and fear God and their parents if they are to achieve their future dreams.
During weekends and school holidays, he spends most of his time studying and playing football so as to keep himself fit.
“I have observed that most of the young people do not know the importance of education in one’s life. I am urging them to change that mentality, they must also avoid bad company,” he says.