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Man in love traingle – reactions

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
THE STORY that appeared last week (July 25, 2018) attracted reactions from readers with some wondering what has become of our women while others say promiscuity has always been in existence only that sometimes those affected do not bring out such concerns.
A man married a woman who for a long time had been having an affair. She did not stop the affair even after she got married. She continued with her other boyfriend. Years in their marriage, the husband discovered the relationship and has since filed for divorce.
He loves his children but his worry is that he is uncertain whether or not the three boys are truly his sons.
Below are some of the reactions.
Dear Doris,
Your story brought a lot of sadness. I wondered how for years a woman could live a life of betrayal and make the husband believe he was the only man in her life.
Such stories are not strange because I have a friend who has been seeing a married woman for years. From the time she was single until now that she has children with her husband.
As you say anything that concerns you, you are always the last person to know but such is life unfortunately.
Mr X,
Another reader writes,
At the time my husband met me, I already had a child. I am now a married woman. I love and appreciate my husband. The trouble is sometimes I am over taken by emotions when I see the father to my child. After years of fighting the temptations, we are now having an affair and I know it is wrong.
I suspect my husband has noticed a change in my behaviour though he has not said anything. I know I am torturing him emotionally because he has now taken to drinking. My writing to you is to advise the woman who spoke about in last week’s story that having an affair does not pay. You lose so much and gain nothing out of it.
Jenny B,
Hello Doris,
I am a marriage counsellor and such stories are not strange. Another matter that I am faced with as a counsellor, is a situation where you find the man has a good job and begins to abuse the wife. Such men end up having a trail of girlfriends and forget the woman who has been by their side through thick and thin. Many women come crying to my office, hoping they will get an answer from me.
My role is to counsel such couples and my hope, always, is that they work towards overcoming their problems. However, some marriages never mend and end up divorcing.
The Reverend,
Until next week,
Let’s keep in touch,

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