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Man impregnates step-daughter, divorced

A KITWE woman of Ipusukilo township has filed a suit against her husband of 17 years in the Bulangililo local court for divorce after he allegedly impregnated his step-daughter.

This is in a case in which Tiza Mwale, 40, sued Davis Siwale, 42, on grounds that he is a promiscuous man.

Mwale told the court that before she got married to Siwale, she had a daughter from another man whom her husband has impregnated.
 “I got a shock of my life to learn that my own husband had impregnated our daughter,” she narrated.
Mwale explained that upon realising what Siwale had done, she left the matrimonial home because she could not bear the thought of her husband impregnating her daughter.
She told the court that when she left the matrimonial home, her husband never even bothered to ask for forgiveness.
Mwale said Siwale was later counselled by his parents and that the two were reconciled.
She said after being reconciled, her husband’s behaviour got worse such that he would bring girlfriends in their matrimonial home.
Mwale asked the court to grant her divorce so that she can be protected from contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
But Siwale denied impregnating his step-daughter and instead accused his wife of being jealous and suspicious.
He said there was no evidence to show that he had impregnated his step-daughter and asked the court not to grant them divorce because he still loves his wife.
Bulangililo Senior local court magistrate Kambole Nyoni adjourned the case to June, 2, 2017.


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