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Man gets 6 years for manslaughter

NDOLA High Court judge-in-charge Jane Kabuka has slapped a six-year jail sentence with hard labour on a 40-year-old man of Misundu farms in Ndola for manslaughter.
Robson Mwanza was initially charged with murder but he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter.
Delivering judgment on Monday, Ms Justice Kabuka said it is important for Mwanza to know that it does not pay to engage in fights even when provoked.
Ms Justice Kabuka said Mwanza is an elderly man who ought to have known that his actions would cause injury to the deceased or death.
“On your own admission of the facts, this court finds you guilty of the offence and I hereby convict you accordingly. You are aged 40, hence you should have reasoned not to engage in fights. However, the deceased died as a result of the injuries inflicted on him by you.
“I find the wounds the deceased suffered to be an aggravating factor. I, therefore, sentence you to six years imprisonment with hard labour with effect from the date you were arrested,” Ms Justice Kabuka said.
In mitigation, legal aid counsel Ethel Banda pleaded with the court to exercise leniency on Mwanza because he is remorseful for his actions.
Ms Banda said Mwanza had learnt a valuable lesson during his incarceration that it is better to walk away from a fight instead of engaging in one.
Facts before the court were that Mwanza quarrelled with a Mr Mwalwembe and a fight ensued.
The court heard that Mr Mwalwembe overpowered Mwanza, who reached for a golf club and hit the former on the head.
Mr Mwalwembe was taken to Ndola Central Hospital where he later died of head injuries.

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