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Man fined over K7,000 for eloping with woman

A 27-YEAR-OLD man of Chamba Valley has complained in the Chelstone Local court that he has been over-charged for eloping with a 20-year-old woman.
Michelo Hamaane told the Chelstone local court that the parents of his girlfriend have charged him K7,500 for elopement.
“The amount is too big. I cannot afford to pay, it is the reason I brought the matter to court because I’m seeking a discount,” Hamaane said.
This is in a case in which Hamaane sued Judith Susu, 43, of Chamba Valley for reconciliation over the amount charged for elopement.
He said he was aware that he was wrong by making his girlfriend sleep at his place and he was ready to pay Susu if he is given a discount.
And Susu said she was worried when her daughter disappeared and never returned. “I went to ask the friends if they had seen my daughter and I was told she was in one of the houses in the neighbourhood.
She told the court that after few days Hamaane was summoned for a meeting and he went with his uncle and after discussions he was charged K7,500.
“I was shocked when I received a court summon because this man (Hamaane) told all of us in the meeting that he would pay the K7,500 in few days,” she said.
Susu said she can only give Hamaane a discount of K1,000 because he was working and can afford to pay.
Passing judgment, senior presiding magistrate Hope Mwila reduced the elopement fee charged by Susu to K3,500 because Hamaane is yet to be sued for damage for sleeping with a woman who has no child.
She said Hamaane should pay the first instalment of K500 then continue with monthly instalment of K300.
Magistrate Mwila urged Susu to sue Hamaane for damage.