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Man fathers child out of wedlock to prove potency

TIRED of constantly being taunted that he is impotent, a Lusaka man said he chose to sire a child out of wedlock to prove to his wife that he is man enough.
Paul Bwalya told the Matero Local Court that after his wife suffered two miscarriages; she turned around and began mocking him that he might have an illness that’s why she was losing her pregnancies.
This was heard before Justice Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye in a case where Jennipher Banda, 26, of Chazanga sued Bwalya, 30, of Zanimuone for marriage reconciliation.
Banda told the court that the two got married in 2007 but suffered two miscarriages driving Bwalya to promiscuity.
She said Bwalya even had a child out of wedlock which resulted in her moving out.
“After a while, he came back to me and asked for forgiveness upon which we reconciled,” she said.
Banda who said she has a child from a previous relationship said Bwalya eventually brought his child to live with them.
And just when she thought Bwalya had quit his ways, she said she was shocked to discover he had fathered another child with a different woman.
Banda said her family called for a meeting with Bwalya and his family where he said he wants them to divorce, sell their house, and share household goods.
“But I refused to do that outside of court that’s why I came here for help. I want us to get back together,” she said.
And in his statement, Bwalya said problems in their marriage started when Banda had two miscarriages after which she started taunting him that he is unable to have children because he has an illness.
He said because of the taunting, he suggested that they go to the clinic for fertility tests where it was discovered he had no problem but his was diagonised with a complication.
Bwalya said they were referred to University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where they were told Banda had an illness which affected her womb.
“Since I found her with a child, I decided to have a child out of wedlock to prove to her that I’m a man,” he said.
He explained to the court that he later asked Banda if they could keep the child because the mother had dumped the baby at his office but she was not in agreement.
Bwalya said he pleaded with her and told her he was not going back to his lover but she still disagreed adding that against her wish, he took the child home to live with them.
He said seeing that the child was not welcome; he took it back to the mother the following morning.
Bwalya said with time, he had another lover who he impregnated and now lives with.
The court ruled that reconciliation had failed because Bwalya has now settled with another woman.