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Man drags brother to court on witchcraft accusations

A MAN of Mansa has narrated before the Mansa local court how his elder brother and his wife accused him of bewitching their children by removing their brains and putting them in the heads of his own children so that  they could become intelligent at school.
Appearing before senior local court magistrate Christopher Nkandu sitting with magistrate Margaret Nsakalima was Alick Mulunda, 50, who sued Morgan Ngandwe, 53, and Ireen Ngandwe, 44, for defamation of character.
Mulunda explained that on December 24, 2015, his brother summoned him to his house, only to start questioning him why his four children are intelligent and always passed their exams at school.
“My brother and his wife accused me of bewitching their three children whom he claims are dull. He says I took their brains, which I put in my children’s heads, who are naturally bright at school,” he said.
Mulunda wondered why his elder brother is accusing him of bewitching his children, who usually fail their exams because they lack concentration at school.
And Ngandwe told the court that his children always fail their exams but that he has never blamed his younger brother for their failure.
He said he only started accusing Mulunda of being a wizard after his child, who is in Grade 12, suddenly started having epileptic attacks.
Ngandwe told the court that his child is not epileptic and wondered where the attacks were coming from but instead, his younger brother told him that he knew the cause of his child’s illness and how he could be treated.
The court adjourned the case for judgement.

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