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Man dragged to court over bride price

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
TEN years after marrying his wife, a Kazungula man has been sued by his mother-in-law for failure to pay K2,500 he was charged as bride price.
William Sibusenga, 27, told the Livingstone Local Court that he cannot manage to pay the money his mother-in-law Elizabeth Sinafu was demanding because it was too high.
Sibusenga told local court principle Magistrate Harrison Kabwenga that he has only managed to pay K200.
“I was charged K1,900 bride price and I paid K200. My outstanding amount was K1,700. I can’t afford to pay the K2,500 she is now demanding. I am still married to her daughter and we have three children and expecting another,” he said.
But Sinafu said his son-in-law eloped with her daughter in 2006. She said the family had believed their daughter was at school until they discovered she was staying with a man.
K2,500 claim and ordered Sibusenga to pay monthly instalments of K250.

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