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Man complains about step-daughter

THERE was laughter in the Mansa Local Court when a husband complained about how his 20 year-old step- daughter spends all her time in his bedroom, preventing him from being intimate with his wife.
Sebastian Chileshe made the complaint when he was testifying against his wife, Zeda Tembo, who has sued him for divorce.
Chileshe told the court that he has left his house due to his step-daughter’s behaviour, to live with another woman, whom he calls a part time wife.
Chileshe and Tembo got married in 2013 and the two have two children together.
In his defence, Chileshe told the court that he decided to leave their matrimonial home because his step-daughter is always in their bedroom, and this robs him of the time to be intimate with his wife.
He said problems in his marriage started when his…

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