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Man to answer for knifing ex

A MAN of Ndola has been found with a case to answer by the Ndola Magistrate’s Court for allegedly stabbing his former wife and sister-in-law with a knife.
Appearing before magistrate Lioni Phiri on Tuesday, was Danny Banda, 34, of Twapia Overspill township in Ndola who is charged with two counts of unlawful wounding.
It is alleged that Banda on July 22 this year in Ndola, unlawfully wounded Jessy Namunje, 34, and her sister Beauty, 32.
“After hearing all the details presented before me, I am satisfied that the prosecution has established a prima facie case against you, and I, therefore, put you on your defence,” magistrate Phiri said.
Evidence before the court is that on the fateful evening around 19:50 hours, Banda went to visit Jessy, his former wife, in the hope of reconciling but she turned down his request and this upset him.
The court heard that Banda allegedly stabbed Ms Namunje and her sister, Beauty, with a knife.
Beauty told the court that Banda blamed her for Jessy’s action to refuse to reconcile with him and threatened to kill her first before killing himself.
In his defence, Banda stated that he went to Jessy’s house, which is also within Twapia, to take money for child support when a group of men he found drinking beer at her house descended on him.
He alleged that accusations that he stabbed Ms Namunje are a fabrication and conspiracy.
Banda alleged that Ms Namunje’s boyfriend intends to marry her and move out of town with his child.
Banda said the same group of men attacked him and stole his money and used the knife that was in the pocket of his jacket.
Mr Phiri has adjourned the case to August 18 this year.

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