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Man acquitted of damage charge

A 37-YEAR-OLD- man of Lusaka’s Kabulonga residential area could not hide his excitement when the Lusaka Boma Court dismissed a claim in which he had been sued for compensation for virginity damage resulting in pregnancy.
William Mwaka, a teacher, was cleared by senior court magistrates Contridah Kamono and Hildah Choonya for compensation for damage after it was discovered that his former lover already has a child with another man.
Mwaka was dragged to court by Clementina Nachilongo, 53, of Roma residential area. Nachilongo accused Mwaka of breaking her daughter’s virginity and further demanded to be paid K12,000 as compensation.
“When I met Mwansa, she already had a child from a previous relationship and there is no way I can pay this amount when I did not break her virginity. When she fell pregnant, Nachilongo ordered me to buy two rings which I did and she became my ‘wife’,” he said.
Mwaka said the two families had never discussed compensation over the pregnancy.
But Nachilongo insisted that Mwaka had agreed to pay K12,000 as compensation at a meeting to discuss the pregnancy.
“Mwaka attended the meeting with his uncle at my house. I wanted my K12,000 for impregnating my daughter,” she said.
But the court dismissed that claim because Mwaka was not the first man to have sexual relations with Nachilongo’s daughter.

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