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Man accidentally kills mother-in-law

A 40-YEAR-OLD man of Kapiri Mposhi has told the Kabwe High Court that he accidently killed his mother-in-law.
Stanley Chimfule told Kabwe High Court Judge Elita Mwikisa during his defence that he never harboured ill intentions against his mother- in-law but that he accidently killed her.
This is in a case in which Chimfule of Chapala village in Chief Chipepo’s area is charged with the murder of Eunice Zilungu, on October 25, last year.
But in his testimony, Chimfule told the court that on the material day, he was heading home from Lukanga River at about 18:00 hours when he heard a scream from a nearby bush.
“When I heard this person crying, I stopped and went to check who it was and discovered it was my mother- in-law and I found her lying on the ground. She was not alone but with Alice Phiri, who was assisting to get her up from the ground.
“At that point, some men appeared from nowhere and started hitting me and as I tried to fight back, I accidently hit my mother-in-law. I ran away because I felt those people wanted to kill me,” Chimfule said.
He said he rushed to the headman and explained the ordeal but that he was discouraged from travelling to the police station as it is far.
Chimfule testified that the headman offered to report the matter to police on his behalf as the latter had contact numbers for the nearest police station.
“I did not kill Zilungu, it was just an accident that I hit her with an axe,” Chimfule said.
He said the police found him at the headman’s house where he was questioned about the death of his mother- in-law.
He testified that the police later took him to Kapiri Mposhi police station where he was charged and arrested.
Judge Mwikisa adjourned the case to September 29 for Judgment.

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