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Man, 42, reopens 20-year case

A 42-YEAR-OLD man stunned the Chelstone Local Court when he demanded to be compensated by a man who eloped with his sister 20 years ago.
Lazarous Siame told the court that he was seeking compensation from Luckson Sinkala, 41, for co-habiting with his sister at the time she was 15 years old.
The case was before senior court magistrate Hope Mwila and senior court magistrate Bertha Zulu.
“My sister was in grade 11 when she moved in with Sinkala,” Siame said.
Siame said Sinkala and his sister have six children though the couple has since divorced.
But Sinkala wondered why Siame chose to drag him to court at a time he was divorced from his (Siame) sister.
“His sister is even married to another man,” he said.
Sinkala claimed Siame’s family was aware about the relationship, adding that Sinkala and the woman in question lived together for a month.
“I used to live with Siame’s sister at their village a long time ago. Both families knew that we were living together,” he said.
Sinkala said Siame’s family asked for four cows as bride price but that he only managed to give the Siame family one. At the time, one cow was valued at K35.
“If compelled to compensate the Siame family, I will only pay the equivalent of the three cows valued at the same K35 per cow,” he said.
However, the court upheld the claim because Sinkala accepted eloping with Siame’s sister.
Sinkala was ordered to compensate Siame with K5,000 starting with an initial payment of K500 in April.

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