Mambo remains defrocked

THE Church of God in Zambia has said the revocation of former national overseer John Mambo’s credentials is final and it stands.
And the Church of God has commended its headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee, in the United States of America, for revoking the credentials of John Mambo which it said was long overdue.
In a statement availed to the Sunday Mail yesterday, church national council member Pelekelo Mufaya said the decision could not have come at a better time than now.
Bishop Mufaya has accused Mr Mambo of always opposing and rejecting decisions and directives the mother church in America comes up with to help and build the local church in Zambia.
And Church of God regional youth director for Central Africa Willie Chibesa said the revocation of Mambo’s credentials was done in good faith and for the benefit of the church.

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