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Maluma takes Zambian music Down Under


AUSTRALIA-BASED Zambian musician Larry Maluma has managed to arrange a ‘Zambian Special’ show on PBS FM, a Victorian regional radio station on a programme called Flight 1067 to Africa to be aired today.
“You may want to know that I am promoting Zambian music in Australia. Last time I came home [Lusaka], I managed to collect a number of CDs from a few local bands and artistes with the intention to promote Zambian artistes in Australia. I have finally managed to arrange a ‘Zambian Special’ show on PBS FM, a Victorian regional radio station, on a programme called Flight 1067 to Africa,” Maluma told the Weekend Mail.
“Flight 1067 to Africa, which is presented by Stani Goma every Sunday afternoon between 3pm – 5pm, is a musical journey into the world of traditional and contemporary African music. This will be the first time for a radio station in Australia to present a special programme on Zambian music and play strictly Zambian bands and solo artistes.
“After postponing the Zambian Special a number of times last time, I decided to make a big effort to try and get to Melbourne from Queensland for the Zambian special and ended up in a car accident. I am interstate (‘Catch Me If You Can’ tour) until end of June but if I manage to get back in time for the programme, I will sit in with Stani and sing a song or two.”
Some of the bands and artistes on the play list are Holstar, Wiggyman, Milz The Teacher, Mutinta, Miss Renee Simone, Maiko Zulu, Yvonne Mwale, Angela Nyirenda, The Sakala Brothers, Ras Kerry’s, Mathew Tembo, Jay Fuse, Theresa Ng’ambi, Salma Sky, Chikuni Parish, Musi-Oa-Tunya, The Blake Rendition of ‘Puzisani Aana’ and Shadrock featuring Maureen Lilanda.

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