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Malawi to assist curb illegal timber trade

MALAWIAN High Commissioner to Zambia David Bandawe says his country is ready to help Zambia to curb illegal trade in forestry products such as ‘mukula’ tree species.
And Mr Banda said plans are underway to establish a one-stop border at Mwami to improve trade between Zambia and Malawi.
Mr Bandawe said in an interview in Lusaka that Malawi will not allow illegally harvested tree species to be transported through that country.
“We are cooperating with Zambia, actually there was one consignment of trucks that had entered Malawi and were intercepted and impounded before reaching Lilongwe and authorities in Zambia were informed about this incident.
“But officials from both countries need to work together to stop this illegal trade or else we shall lose these natural tree species that take a lot of time to mature,” Mr Banda said.
He said Malawi is collaborating with Zambia in many areas.
Mr Banda, who is also Malawi’s permanent representative to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), said the one-stop border at Mwami will be established under a regional framework.