Malabo Declaration needs technical, financial support

CYNTHIA MWALE, Kampala, Uganda
AFRICAN Union Commission (AUC) has urged collaborating partners to consider technical and financial support in the implementation of the Malabo Declaration by AU member states for sustainable agricultural transformation.

The commission has also called on member states to domesticate the Malabo Declaration Business Plan to fit into their national programmes to mobilise resources.

AUC – Rural Economy and Agriculture Commissioner Josefa Saciko said on Wednesday that AU member states require support to deliver on the Malabo Declaration.
“We call upon our partners who have always supported the implementation of CAADP to mobilise and align their technical and financial support to the Business Plan so that together we can achieve the common goals captured in the Malabo Declaration,” she said.
Mrs Saciko said during the official opening of the Partnership Platform of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP – PP) meeting here under the theme “Strengthening Mutual Accountability to Achieve CAADP Malabo Goals and Target”.
The major expectation from the meeting is to agree on and strengthen the mechanisms for holding each other accountable for what member states have jointly agreed to deliver.
Mrs Saciko said member states have re-committed to dedicate 10 percent of their national budget to agriculture.
“I wish to recall an important provision in the “Call for Action” in the Malabo Declaration which calls on, “development partners to rally and align their technical and financial support in a harmonised and coordinated manner to support the implementation of the provisions of this declaration,” she said.
Mrs Saciko also called on other stakeholders like regional economic communities, non-state actors, technical organisations, and development partners, both at global and national levels, to join hands with AUC and NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency to ensure that AU member states are supported to produce credible biennial review reports, on the basis of which the continental report will be produced.
Officiating at the function, Ugandan Minister of Agriculture Christopher Kibanzanga is optimistic that Africa will overcome the numerous challenges that the continent is experiencing.
Mr Kibanzanga cited hunger, poverty and unemployment as some of the challenges that the continent has been grappling with despite being endowed with natural resources such as minerals, oil and water.

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