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A STAFF house at the newly commissioned Shungulu rural health post in Chief Mubambe’s area in Mufumbwe district.

Making primary health reality

IN its continued quest to ensure every citizen has equitable access to cost-effective and quality health services, Government embarked on the construction of 650 health posts across the country.
It started implementing this project with a view to improving primary health care, especially in rural areas where people cover long distances to access health services.

ACTING Chief Mushima Mubambe having his blood pressure checked at Kalongelo rural health post during the commissioning of the facility in Mufumbwe district.

Of the 650 health posts, Mufumbwe district in North-Western Province was allocated nine out of the 74 health posts for the entire province. All the nine health posts have been completed and opened to the public. These health posts are spread across the district, with the southern part of Mufumbwe receiving two.
Before the opening of health posts in their vicinities, residents of  Kalongelo area in Chief Mushima Mubambe’s chiefdom used to walk about 15 kilometres to access health services at Kaminzekenzeke rural health centre and 17km to Mushima rural centre respectively.
Due to the long distance people were covering, expectant mothers ended up delivering either at home or on the way to health facilities. Some patients were dying on the way to the health centres while children under the age of five would miss immunisation appointments despite the importance of vaccines to child health and growth.
The story is not different for the people of Shungulu area who used to walk 17km to Kabanda health facility, which is run by the CLICK TO READ MORE