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Mailoni brothers’ mum gets house

JANET Njimu (centre) the mother to the notorious Mailoni brothers received a shot in the arm from Mulilo Kabesha of Kabwe (second left) and his wife Rachael (second from right) who donated a one bedroomed house to Ms Njimu. Looking on is Nelson Mailoni (left) and his sibling Christine (right). PICTURE: CHAMBO NG'UNI.

A ‘GOOD Samaritan’ in Kabwe has built a one-room house for the mother of the notorious Mailoni brothers.
Janet Njimu, in her 70s, took refuge in Kabwe’s Kawasaki area after people in Luano Valley vented their anger on her in reaction to the atrocities her sons – Mika, Stephen and their ring leader, Fabian – had committed on their communities.
The three brothers, who were collectively known as the ‘Mailoni Brothers’, started their reign of terror in Chief Chembe’s area in 2007, but were shot dead on June 24 last year in Chimika in Luano valley by a Zambia Army officer.
Kabwe lawyer Mulilo Kabesha and his wife, Rachael, handed over the house to Ms Njimu during the week.
Mr Kabesha urged people in Luano and other Zambians to be merciful and not blame Ms Njimu for the atrocities her children committed while they were alive.
“I saw abject poverty when I came here. I saw a woman who was depressed and had been rejected by many members of the community unfairly because of her children’s heinous crimes,” he said.
“So it was only fair that my family decided to help her have basic shelter, which is a human right. It’s not a posh place but at least we are very sure she will not be soaked.”
Ms Njimu, who thanked Mr Kabesha and his wife for coming to her aid, narrated that life was hard during the rainy season as she was always soaked because the hut she had been living in had been leaking.

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