Madzimawe: Chief with a difference

CHIEF Madzimawe (centre) addressing some of his subjects. Right, Chief Madzimawe in his office.

WHEN a chief sits down to share his personal life, he reveals his simplicity hidden in royalty – and this definitely fits Chief Madzimawe’s persona.
It is not often that you meet him, let alone ask him to speak about his personal life. But when time allows, he easily accepts to reveal his true self.
“Chief Madzimawe is a simple person. A normal one, not a complicated one,” he tells this writer in an exclusive interview at Mtenguleni in Chipata.
Despite his busy schedule three days before the Nc’wala ceremony of the Ngoni people, he finds time to share his life’s experience.
As he talks, he intermittently poses to greet his subjects as they come by, one after the other, to recognise his presence.
He is sitting on a plastic garden chair appearing ordinary with only his red Ford Ranger pickup parked behind him radiating prestige.
A little while ago, he rolled the vehicle into Laweni grounds, Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s traditional dormitory, with a slight rush to meet the writer, who has been waiting for him.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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