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Macky II, Chef 187 ‘drive’ ZCS annual ball

WHENEVER Macky II, his young brother Chef 187 and Drimz are performing, they definitely leave the audience satisfied.
But now imagine the trio sharing the same stage with gospel artiste Nathan Nyirenda of the Mwe makufi fame.
Their audience will be treated to some popular secular and gospel songs that have taken the country by storm.
This is what happened last Friday night until the early hours of Saturday when the quartet performed during the 2016 Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) annual ball at the Mulungushi University main campus in Kapiri Mposhi.
As ZCS commissioner general Percy Chato’s guests were getting into Chalabesa Hall on a rainy evening, as per usual, they must have been preparing their minds to hear endless speeches.
But it was a unique evening because as soon as Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo and Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga left the podium, entertainment began with Nathan being the first artiste to take to the stage.
Nathan bemused the guests with his My Home song in which he proudly talks about Zambia and calls for unity.
Drimz was the next and he entertained the people to Umutende-another song on peace and unity.
After him it was Chef 187 who dropped Kumwesu, much to the excitement of show-goers.
When it was Marky II’s turn, he thrilled the gathering with Akale. Some people could not resist the temptation to go to the dance floor way before the guest of honour opened the floor.
“We are here to celebrate the New Year. Others did not make it to 2017. This is for all my Tamangas,” he said and immediately went on to do Nangu Banchinge, which was well received by the guests.
Drimz later came back and thrilled the gathering with Ireen Mambilima and then Lolo, Mpakafye Ubushiku, a song in which he collaborates with Chef 187.
He took charge and sang 99 Jobs, Kumalila Ngoma and Foolish Me, before giving way to Macky II who came back on stage in the early hours of Saturday with Mama Rebecca. As the music faded, some guests demanded for Lolo Lolo and the artiste obliged.
Co-director of programmes Nathan Mvunga, who came all the way from the Copperbelt, was also another marvel to watch.
He passionately dropped rib-cracking jokes and kept the people awake and laughing.
The audience was also treated to some jazz music by the Zambia Correctional Service Band.