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M-Net introduces new movie channel

PAY television M-Net has launched a brand new feel-good movie channel called M-Net Movies Smile, which it says “offers plenty of chuckles for the entire family” and has also revamped the M-Net Movies Showcase package.
The addition of M-Net Movies Smile and the revamp of M-Net Movies Showcase will mean that three of the existing movie channels – M-Net Movies Comedy, M-Net Movies Family and M-Net Movies Romance will no longer exist.
“Fans of these channels should not despair as the content previously available on these three channels will be consolidated into the new M-Net Movies Smile and the revamped M-Net Movies Showcase channels to ensure that viewers continue to enjoy their favourite movie genres,” reads a statement made available to the Weekend Mail in Lusaka by MultiChoice Zambia.
“What’s more, DStv will further add more value to the Compact Plus and Compact packages with the addition of M-Net Movies Stars which will bring viewers more entertainment with the best of Hollywood blockbusters.
“DStv Compact subscribers will also get an exciting treat when M-Net City and M-Net Movies Action elevate their viewing experience to new, picture-perfect heights when the channels start simulcasting in High Definition.”
The channel changes are part of M-Net’s efforts to streamline and sharpen channels in order to enhance DStv subscribers’ viewing experience.
“The number of movie channels will be trimmed down from nine to seven, well-curated movie channels that will feature a fewer number of older library movies in the schedule to keep the movie offering new and fresh,” reads the statement in part.
M-Net chief executive officer Yolisa Phahle says M-Net’s slate of up-to-date series from Hollywood has been spread across M-Net, M-Net Edge and VUZU AMP on DStv Premium for a while and it makes perfect sense to present these three channels to our viewers as a cluster in this new sequence.
“We will also work harder to make sure that viewers know which channel a series will be broadcast on – some of our viewers have indicated that they don’t always know whether a series will be on M-Net or VUZU AMP. We would like to fix that,” Phahle says.

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