Letter to the Editor

LWSCo overcharging residents?

Dear editor,
I HAVE read the analysis by Patson Phiri, the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSCo) marketing and public relations manager, over the rates used in Kwamwena, Vorna-Ndeke with regret.
The analysis is quite unprofessional because the water was brought by the American government in order to alleviate the suffering of poor Zambians, but LWSCo has hiked its rates in order to maximise its profits.
You can’t use more than K250 on water on a daily basis.
It is daylight robbery because nobody can use seven drums per day. It is maybe a drum or two per day.
Let us not be blinded as if LWSCo is like a small god.
The overcharging must be stopped without any further delay.
Residents in Kabulonga, Northmead, Rhodespark and other areas do not experience this kind of rating by LWSCo.
Can the American Embassy intervene in this matter because the purpose was to assist the residents and not to exploit them.

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