Luwingu Post Office safe robbery flops

SIX bandits have broken into Luwingu Post Office in broad daylight but only managed to get away with a cellphone and K65 cash after failing to blow up the safe with explosives in a botched robbery.
And a family of Nchelenge in Luapula Province has been left in shock after discovering that an eye was missing from the corpse of their two-year-old baby who died in mysterious circumstances.
Northern Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that six men on Saturday staged a daylight robbery at Luwingu Post Office and attempted to blow up the safe containing huge sums of money.
“The thieves failed to enter the strongroom after they tied the security guard and they are on the run,” Ms Katanga said.
She said the postmaster, Charles Mwansa, reported the matter to the police.
Police have instituted investigations into the matter.
Ms Katanga said the suspects were armed with an unknown firearm and they sped off in a get-away car
“Our officers are on the ground now investigating the matter and we will soon get them,” Ms Katanga said.
And Luapula Province commissioner of police Malcolm Mulenga said  Mwange Shemu, 48, of Mukumbwa village in Chief Kambwali’s area in Nchelenge,  reported to police that his daughter Chishala Shemu last Thursday died at home around 17:00 hours after suffering from diarrhoea.
He said between 01:00 hours and 03:00 hours on Friday, his wife noticed that the body had no right eye, which was intact before and after their daughter’s death.
“Police visited the scene and found that the eye was indeed missing from the socket,” he said.
Mr Mulenga said Mr Shemu reported that his wife allegedly saw three black cats at the house of mourning and she later discovered that some white substance was coming out of the right eye of the corpse.
“The substance vanished when she attempted to wipe it off and that is when she discovered that the eye was missing,” Mr Mulenga said.
Mr Mulenga said the family suspects witchcraft.
“The body of the child was buried on the same day,” he said.

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