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‘Lutuku’ abuser neglects marriage, sneaks lover into matrimonial home

A KITWE man has asked the Buchi local court to grant him divorce from his wife of 14 years because she allegedly sneaked a man under their matrimonial bed after her husband temporarily left home following a marital dispute.

Paul Mwewa told senior local court magistrate Elita Bwalya last week that he married Getrude Masinga in 2002 and the two have four children between them.
Mwewa testified that problems in their marriage started when Masinga started consuming an illicit spirit locally known as ‘lutuku’ and that the alcohol abuse made her neglect her marital duties.
He said Masinga disrespects him when she gets drunk and that despite various complaints and meetings that have been held to sit the couple down, his wife has still not changed her behaviour.
Mwewa said his wife instead started boasting and threatening to give him charms that would make him fail to talk about her shortcomings.
He said Masinga always becomes violent whenever there is a problem at home and uses sharp objects such as knives and locks her husband outside the house.
Mwewa testified that he decided to leave the matrimonial home in February this year because of the numerous problems the couple was facing but he was shocked when his daughter called to tell him that she had found a man hiding under her parents’ bedroom.
He said the action by his wife to sneak a man into the house in his absence was confirmation that she had no respect for him and was not interested in the marriage to continue.
But Masinga who admitted that a man sneaked into the house said she also did not know how he found himself there.
Masinga said the major problem is that her husband always suspected her of being a drunkard and that his family members participates in beating her up whenever the couple differs.
She also complained that her husband had no secrets and always exposed their marital issues to anyone that could listen.
Magistrate Bwalya adjourned the matter to a later date for judgment.


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