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Lusaka woman fined K200 for witchcraft accusations

A WOMAN of Kabangwe in Lusaka Province has been fined K200 for insulting and issuing disparaging remarks against her elderly neighbour.
Violet Lubinda, 31, was sued in the Lusaka Boma Court by Dorika Zulu, 60, for defamation of character after the defendant called the plaintiff a witch.
Zulu told Principal Presiding Magistrate Mable Mwaba, senior court magistrates Miyanda Banda and Davies Mpundu that on August 18 this year, she discovered Lubinda had been dumping garbage in her yard.
“I politely advised her against dumping garbage into my yard and instead find alternative space. I then cleared the garbage. But I discovered she had dumped some more garbage the next day,” she said.
Zulu said she counselled Lubinda and asked that she respects her privacy.
“Instead Lubinda started insulting me and accused me of practising witchcraft. She said I was a dog who does not deserve to be accorded any respect. This is why I have brought her to court,” she said.
But Lubinda denied insulting Zulu and instead accused her of being the one who is always insulting her family.
“She has been insulting me and threatening to kill me, I have not done anything wrong to her. Zulu is an elderly woman and if ever I do any wrong she can sit me down but she has done none of that,” she said.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and ordered Lubinda to pay K200 as compensation to Zulu. The court also advised the two to live in harmony as they are neighbours.

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