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Lusaka woman divorced over a bag of mealie meal

ONE woman’s decision to accept a bag of maize from a male friend has earned her a divorce certificate in the Matero Local Court.
Leah Kaleuka’s 12 year-old marriage to Patson Sikazindu ended in divorce after her husband begged for the dissolution because he no longer trusts her.
Sikazindu, 53, suspected his wife Kaleuka, 48, of Chilanga of having an affair after she went home one night with a bag of maize which she claimed was given to her by her male friend.
Sikazindu told senior court magistrates Miyanda Banda and Davies Mpundu that the two got married in 2003 and have six children together.
“I returned home around 19:00 hours and Kaleuka who had just come back from Ndola was out visiting again. She only came around 21:30 hours. I beat her out of anger and demanded to know who she had been visiting but she refused to show me the man’s house. I am convinced she is having an affair with the same man,” he said.
Sikazindu said out of fear, Kaleuka disappeared from their matrimonial home the next day because she did not want him to ask her about the whereabouts of her lover.
“Kaleuka even got the police to detain me for assault. We tried to retrieve the man’s number from her phone but there was nothing. Kaleuka then moved in with her sister in November last year until now,” he said.
But Kaleuka who did not dispute claims that she was having an extra marital affair did not object to the court granting divorce.
The court granted divorce with no compensation. Sikazindu was awarded full custody of the children. The couple was ordered to share household property equally.

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