Letter to the Editor

Lusaka water must improve service delivery

Dear editor,
I WRITE in agreement to a concerned Libala resident regarding lack of competence on the side of Lusaka Water and Sewarage Company as per Friday (29/05/16) edition.
I am a resident of Kabwata Site and Service whose water meter has not been running for the past three months, and I have reported the matter to the water utility company who have responded to me that they do not have any new meters to replace the one which is stuck. Unfortunately, I am being billed on estimation charges as per the company’s principle of billing and I have been further told to pay at least a certain amount that I normally pay and the remaining balance will be offset by the company once the new meter is installed. Fine! But yet shockingly, the same company sends me its disconnection team every month-end to disconnect water supply on the outstanding balance that LWSC is supposed to offset as per agreement.
Therefore, it is my hope that LWSC will soon find a lasting solution to their administration problems in order to serve their customers in an equitable manner.
Complaint Number is available on request.

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