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Lusaka pastor sued for divorce

CHELSTONE Local Court Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala was at pains to dissolve a marriage of 11 years involving a pastor of Royal Life Church in Lusaka.
Before Magistrate Namangala was Chisha Ninde, 38 of Chongwe area, who sued Brian Phiri, 48 a pastor of the same area.
Ninde sued her husband for divorce on grounds that their marriage has gone beyond redeemable stage because of numerous challenges that the two have faced.
She told the Chelstone Local Court that she got married to Phiri in 2006 through a traditional marriage and Phiri was charged K400 for bride price but only paid a K100.
Ninde told the court that she and the husband were sat down severally in a quest to strengthen their marriage but the efforts have yielded no results.
“I married him after I was widowed and he was a divorcee. We had peace in our home in the first three years of marriage. And thereafter, we have never had peace. He does not bring money home and I am the sole provider of the children’s needs. When we married, he already had a child while I had two. We have a girl aged 7 together,” Ninde told the court.
She says in 2010, Phiri went for pastoral school and when he returned, he went on attachment and whatever monies he was paid from the attachment he never used it for home.
“Even when he was on attachment, he used to get paid but he never brought the money home prompting me to ask him to look for a job so as to take care of the children,” Ninde said.
She told the court that she left her matrimonial home in October last year and two months later; they divorced after they had a family meeting with elders where Phiri openly declared that he does not want to continue with the marriage.
In his statement Phiri told the court that Ninde deserted their home in October 2014.
He agreed to a request of marriage dissolution saying their marriage became tense to a point of getting violent.
“I had been denied my conjugal rights for 10 months before she left home and severally, she disrespected my mother to a point of telling me to sleep with my mother,” Phiri told the court.
And in delivering judgment, Magistrate Namangala granted divorce on grounds that both had agreed to divorce and that there was no substantial peace in their home.
The magistrate ordered that the child be in the custody of the mother and that Phiri should pay K6,000 as compensation and a monthly K200 for child support.