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Lusaka night crimes increase

Dear editor,
IT IS a shame that Lusaka has become the most dangerous city in Zambia.
The number of aggravated robberies, rape cases, and petty thefts has drastically increased in our capital city.
This is because the perpetrators have realised how vulnerable our people are at night. During the day, Lusaka’s streets are filled with all types of security personnel: police officers, traffic officers, Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) officers, security guards, soldiers, you name it.
At night though, our citizens are vulnerable. ZESCO’s load shedding has made the situation worse. Can the police therefore stop harassing innocent people during the day and start earning their money by patrolling streets at night? I know that patrolling the streets at night do not bear any rewards. Elsewhere, police patrols are more active at night, and that’s the way it ought to be. Madam police Inspector General and other security chiefs, kindly deploy our men and women in uniform to protect the streets at night.
There are far too many idle police, army, and ZNS and ZAF officers as it is. Let them unite with local residents to organize neighbourhood watches in communities. It is unbelievable to have petty thieves rob and rape our women, children, diplomats and tourists at night! If the police invaded Chibolya, they can come to our recue as well.