Letter to the Editor

Lusaka mayor should fight pollution

Dear editor,
PLEASE allow me space in your newspaper to let me request Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa to fight and end rampant air pollution in the capital city, Lusaka, especially at Zamtel Flats and other houses in Ibex Hill.
In these areas, especially on Fridays, people burn their waste at night-time and the smoke can go on for days.
Despite writing about Zamtel Flats in the past and having reported the matter to Zambia Environmental Managemental Agency (ZEMA) last year, nothing has changed.
I appeal to the mayor to find ways of stopping open incineration of solid waste products so as to be in line with the ‘Keep Zambia clean, green and healthy’ campaign.
Please, let us practise what we say.
To ZEMA management, I request that it should stick to its role of protecting the environment.
Air pollution can be a major silent killer, even worse than HIV and AIDS.

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