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Lusaka man accuses witchdoctor of sleeping with his wife

A THIRTY-ONE-YEAR old man of Lusaka’s Marrapodi township testified before the Matero local court that he deserted his home because his wife was allegedly sleeping with a witchdoctor.

Joseph Lwaba, alleged that his wife had told him the witchdoctor asked her to undress each time he was administering was herbs to his mentally-retarded child.
He was testifying before magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Miyanda Banda in a case in which his wife Esther Lwaba, 25,was seeking marriage reconciliation.
When he gave his testimony, Joseph told the court that his wife had engaged a witchdoctor on April 4 2015 to administer traditional medicines to their mentally-retarded child.
“After seeing that our child’s health was not improving, my wife revealed to me that the witchdoctor always asked her to undress saying this was the only way the herbs were going to work.
He said he went on separation from his wife for nine months and later reconciled but he heard rumours that my wife and the witchdoctor used to meet,” he said.
In his submissions Joseph told the court that he was not ready to reconcile with his wife.
The two got married on November 5, 2012 and have one child who is mentally ill.
Esther, in her defence told the court that problems in her marriage started when she gave birth to a mentally-ill child.
She told the court that Joseph did not approve of the child and that he never even used to carry it.
“My husband accuses my relatives of bewitching our child, he vowed that he will never have another child with me.” Esther said.
In passing judgement the court dismissed the application for divorce as both parties refused to reconcile and granted divorce .