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Lusaka infrastructure booms


BEING a shoe repairer in Lusaka is not an easy undertaking, especially if one has to earn a living through this painstaking occupation.
On a medium scale, the shoe-repair business is quite rewarding, better than a person sitting in a makeshift shelter by the roadside or in a corrugated rusty iron sheet shelter in a market waiting for customers. This is what Joseph Zulu has to contend with every day. In his makeshift shelter in Bauleni’s main market, Mr Zulu sits and waits. One, two or maybe four customers would show up and that’s it. “It’s hard nowadays, my brother,” Mr Zulu retorted after being asked how business was doing. “People have stopped bringing their shoes for repair now,” he said. “With these good roads constructed everywhere, who would have their shoes damaged. Most streets here in Bauleni are now tarred. Even those on foot are walking with their heads high because they know that their shoes are insured.” As funny as it sounds, Mr Zulu had a point in that most roads in this sprawling township had been worked on and most activities connected to road development were positively being undertaken without huge challenges. “You know my brother, I got on a minibus to town. I was amazed to see huge roadworks everywhere. At Longarces roundabout, around the High Court area, Lusaka has just changed CLICK TO READ MORE