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Lusaka coaches on right track

AS part of its technical guidance to its members the International Basketball Federation encourages affiliated national governing bodies to create a base for coach education and development in order to take the game to the higher level.

It is for this reason Lusaka based trainers gathered to form a coaches association which they hope will link them to other similar groups across the country.
It is not the first time that such an attempt is being made but it is my last breath hope that this will mark a new beginning.
The first attempt was in 1998 when after returning from the world basketball congress then a coaching expert for the FIBA /International Olympic Committee  programmes Godfrey Mwanza tried to get his colleague on board to have a Zambia Basketball Coaches Association (ZBCA) going but it appears no one understood him and the idea died a natural death.
Almost a decade later a resolution was passed to reconstitute ZBCA. Boniface Kambikambi this time was assigned and he is the designer of the form being used to registers the newly formed association.
For Kambikambi, the response was poor and it only shows that the value for added knowledge was not appreciated then.
FIBA is now saying as a rule that for one to feature at its tournaments as a national team coach he/she must possess recognition as an approved coach and this can only be achieved through training and recognition granted by structural bodies such as a national coaches association.
It is recommended by FIBA that a coaches association must be contained in a national federation and strong and constant link has to exist between the two.
Some of the objectives of a coaches association as contained in the FIBA national federations manual are:
·To improve education levels of coaches through scientific and modern ways
·To draft proposals, suggestions and initiatives for all coaches related topics
To prepare and set up criteria and standards for obtaining coaches license
·To issue coaches licences
·To organise clinics, seminars, refreshment courses, conferences and round table discussions
To prepare a code of conduct for its members
To connect with other coaches associations worldwide.
Most of these functions are set out in the Zambia Basketball Association statutes under the umbrella of a body named Club ’91 which only functioned for two years from inception despite the positive objectives for which it was established.
With a coaches association it makes it easier to set standards in the country and provide some clear direction of the te nchnical side of things in the development of the game.
Harry Chansa who is interim chairman of the Midlands coaches’ body seems quite passionate about it but my advice is he should not ignore the knowledge possessed by those that have gone before him and his colleagues
Have a blessed week!

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