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Lungu’s call for sanity in civil service spot on

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend President Lungu on his instruction to the newly-sworn-in Commissioner of Civil Service, Dickson Chasaya, to bring sanity to the

civil service.
The President categorically implored the new commissioner to make sure politics is left to politicians while civil servants embark on service delivery to the general populous.
We have seen in the past where civil servants, especially teachers, have been fused in political party structures against their professional norm.
The President’s instruction should now make all civil servants in political party structures relinquish their positions so that they are not seen as being partisan.
Politics by nature is a battle for opposing views and when you have a civil servant in politics, it means you would have compromised the conduct of the profession.
Lastly, I congratulate the President for his bold stance to call a spade a spade and demanding sanity in the civil service.