Lungu visit changes picture

PRESIDENT Lungu with residents of Dundumwezi yesterday. PICTURE: SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE

HONE SIAME, Dundumwezi
PRESIDENT Lungu has won the hearts of Dundumwezi residents in Kalomo, Southern Province, for launching works on the rehabilitation of Kalomo-Dundumwez-Itezhi-Tezhi road and

passion to address their socio-economic problems.
The jubilant residents, who gave the President a thunderous welcome when he made his maiden visit to the area yesterday, braved the blazing sun to show their appreciation and support.
Kelly Mweemba said in an interview that President Lungu’s visit to the area has changed their perception of the man they gave only 252 votes in the August 11, 2016 general elections.
Mr Mweemba, a farmer and father of six, said their association with the United Party for National Development (UPND) has not made any positive impact in their lives as their area has remained underdeveloped. He said unfulfilled promises by the UPND has made them to lose interest in voting.
“This is the first time in 37 years of my life l have seen a sitting President visiting Dundumwezi. We are humbled to see President Lungu here to launch the road works and associating himself with our problems. His visit has shown that he cares for us and committed to address our problems,” he said.
He said the launch of works on the rehabilitation of the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Itezhi-Tezhi road is the beginning of better things to come.
“This is a commendable job. This is the development we have been looking forward to,” he said.
Alice Muyunda was also elated by President Lungu’s move to answer their prayers by ensuring the road is upgraded.
She said the people of Dundumwezi will always treasure his support and vision of taking development to all parts of the country.
She said President Lungu has proved that he means well and committed to addressing the many challenges people in the area are facing.
“I feel so happy to see him. I only see him on TV [television]. At least we have a President who cares for us,” she said.
Mapenzi Mwiinga described President Lungu’s visit as historic.
He said the road will boost economic activities in the area that has over 70,000 people.
President Lungu became the second head of State to visit Dundumwezi constituency in Kalomo district with a clarion call on the people of Southern Province to put politics aside and work with Government to foster development in the region.
The President, who arrived to a thunderous welcome, said time for politicking is over and that it is now time to develop the country to improve the socio-economic welfare of citizens.
The head of State said he will ensure every region receives a fair share of development through implementation of various pro-poor policies and development programmes.
He said his visit to the area and commencement of the rehabilitation of Kalomo-Dundumwezi road demonstrates his commitment towards developing every part of the country without looking at the voting pattern.
The President was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Chikanta at Chungu Palace in Dundumwezi constituency in Kalomo yesterday.
“We would like to thank you so much for the warm hospitality. Some people created an impression that we would be stoned.
“Time for politics is long gone. It is time to move the country forward.
“When the season comes for politics comes, it will show. We have not come to do politics.
“We need to exploit the potential this area has in agriculture and tourism.
“It will take two years for the road to be completed,” President Lungu said.
He said his findings in the area have enhanced his desire to work for the people of Dundumwezi and called on them to work with his administration.
“I have visited your rural health centre and l am disappointed with what l have seen. I will not let you down,” he said.
Senior Chief Chikanta said Zambia needs peace in the country and urged political players to co-exist to maintain the country’s peace.
“Some of the issues you hear about may not be true. Because you’re a republican President, every part of this country is part of you,” Senior Chief Chikanta said.
Chief Cooma, Chieftainess Mwenda, Chief Simwatachela, Chief Sinazongwe and Chieftainess Sikute were on hand to receive the President.

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