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Lungu preaches love

PRESIDENT Lungu has called for love and co-existence across all political divides and urged public service workers to serve the masses with dignity.
In an Easter letter to the Zambians, Mr Lungu said as Christians, citizens are duty-bound to always ensure that Easter is celebrated with the greatest joy.
“Let us spread love and not hatred, let us imitate God as he intended us to live, to love one another. Let us seize this opportunity to unapologetically proclaim the virtues of love and peaceful co-existence.
“Let’s live and let others live. The different persuasions in life that make us one different from another cannot be the basis for enmity,” part of the letter reads.
The President urged Patriotic Front (PF) members to show love to the opposition and correspondingly request the opposition to do the same.
“We have, but only One Zambia, One Nation. This blessed land is our only inheritance and, therefore, competition should be within the acceptable limits that do not descend into chaos.”
He said Zambia is a blessed nation that has escaped ugly occurrences that have beset other sister nations near and far and the grace should not be taken for granted.
The President said the sacrifice for one another cannot be emphasised, especially for those in public office because their calling should always be about service to the masses they are privileged to lead.
Mr Lungu re-affirmed that Zambia shall remain a Christian nation and pledged to push ahead with his conviction to awaken the national consciousness to the motto of `One Zambia, One Nation’.
And Mr Lungu thanked all Zambians for the support they have rendered to him since his election as President.  Mr Lungu was sworn in 71 days ago.
“I am consumed by the faith that we can make Zambia a better place for all if only we change the way we do politics.
“In order to face a great future, Zambia cannot continue to practise politics of personalities and individual character assassination, finger-pointing and politics of arrogance,” Mr Lungu said.
The President said citizens with the gift of knowledge will tell that it is impossible to build a strong future on politics of fear.
Mr Lungu said that the PF, as the party in power, and he as President, have a sacred duty to continue to unite Zambia, creating jobs and narrowing the poverty and political divides.
He said his prayer is that those wounded or afflicted in one way or another be healed by God.
“As a Christian nation, I take this sacred opportunity to inform you that my wife Esther and I have nothing, but best wishes to you. May God’s grace abundantly be with you,” Mr Lungu said.