‘Lungu has marketed Zambia well’

PRESIDENT Lungu (right) with Jonathan Oppenheimer, Director of E Oppenheimer & Son Ltd of South Africa who paid a courtesy call on the President yesterday. Mr Oppenheimer is a South African businessman who has spent most of his working life in the Anglo-American Corporation and De Beers Diamond Mining Company. PICTURE: EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATE HOUSE.

STEVEN MVULA, Parliament
PRESIDENT Lungu has profoundly raised the image of Zambia in the eyes of the international community, Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba told Parliament yesterday.
And Mr Kalaba says it is the duty of every Zambian to speak well about the nation.
Mr Kalaba said in a ministerial statement yesterday that President Lungu has marketed Zambia abroad very well and everybody stands to benefit.
“Our record under President Lungu’s leadership is impeccable. We are now a choice of destination for investment,” Mr Kalaba said.
Mr Kalaba further said Pope Francis praised President Lungu for his exemplary leadership and role to foster peace in the Great Lakes Region.
He was responding to a question by Masaiti member of Parliament (MP) Michael Katambo (PF), who wanted to know how Pope Francis received President Lungu.
“Our trip to France and the Vatican shows the respect Zambia has earned. Zambia’s image abroad is growing huge. President Lungu is liked everywhere and in turn Zambia is liked and attracting huge investments, which will soon create wealth for our people,” Mr Kalaba said.
He explained that Pope Francis eulogised President Lungu for being a role model of peace and good governance.
“Out of the 54 African countries, the Pope told us that there are only eight countries that have never experienced civil strife and Zambia is among those eight. The Pope will only meet people with good governance record, hence meeting our President,” Mr Kalaba said.
And Mr Kalaba says it remains the duty of every Zambian to market the country well to the international community.
He said this in response to Ikeleng’i MP Elijah Muchima (MMD), who asked how Zambia is viewed abroad in the wake of some political violence.
Mr Kalaba said every legislator as well as other Zambians are ambassadors and so must speak well about their country.
“There is one political leader who goes abroad and dents the image of this country yet he aspires to one day become President of this very nation he speaks ill of. Speak well of Zambia. Any country has its ups and downs,” Mr Kalaba said.
He appealed to Zambians to practise mature politics because there are many positives about Zambia.

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