Lungu happy to score a first

President Lungu at the Umutomolo traditional ceremony at the Shores of Lake Chila in Mbala.

PRESIDENT Lungu is happy that he is the first sitting president to grace the Umutomolo traditional ceremony of the Mambwe and Lungu people of Mbala and Mpulungu in Northern Province.

And the President says he will always incorporate traditional ceremonies in his programmes because of the significant role they play in unifying the country and fostering national development.
The head of State said it is exciting to be the first sitting president to grace this year’s Umutomolo traditional ceremony which the Mambwe and Lungu commemorate to thank God for the good harvest.
President Lungu said he was happy that the Mambwe and Lungu people have continued making a huge contribution to the country’s national food security through their impressive maize and beans production.
The President was speaking when he graced this year’s Umutomolo traditional ceremony in Mbala on Saturday that was attended by a sea of people from all walks of life.
“I am humbled and excited that I am the first sitting president to officiate at this important traditional ceremony. I recognise the importance of these traditional ceremonies. I wish I can attend all of them but I can’t spread myself,” he said.
He assured traditional leaders countrywide that he will ensure he delegates Cabinet ministers to represent him at traditional ceremonies whenever he fails to attend
And the Mambwe Lungu Cultural Association (MALUCA) chairperson Amos Simutowe showered accolades on President Lungu for being the first head of state to officiate at the ceremony.
Mr Simutowe said the Mambwe and Lungu people will always treasure Mr Lungu’s leadership and dedication towards championing the interest of the poor.
He said Mbala and Mpulungu are not only good at high production of maize,beans and other crops, but they also have immense potential to contribute to the growth of the tourism sector owing to their rich tourist sites.
Mbala boasts of a number of endowments such as Nsunzu mountain, Kalambo falls and Motomoto museum.


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