Lungu challenges ZICTA on social media abuse

PRESIDENT Lungu says the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) must regulate the tele-communication space so that it can monitor social media which is being abused by some Zambians.
“Some people are using social media, especially Facebook, to write letters insinuating that it is government officials issuing certain instructions which Government is not aware of,” he said.
The President said this at State House yesterday when he received a quarterly report from Minister of Transport and Communication  Brian Mushimba.
President Lungu said ZICTA plays a key role in the transformation of information and communications technology (ICT) and should enhance cyber security to stop people from abusing social media.
And President Lungu has directed Mr Mushimba to ensure that Zamtel and other parastatals under his ministry become profitable and viable.
President Lungu wants parastatal firms to start making profit and declare dividends to Government.
He said parastatal companies are consuming a lot of money from Government without making any returns.
“This culture of depending on Government when these parastatals are able to add value, make profit and pay returns to Government should stop,” he said.
The President heard from Mr Mushimba’s report that only Zambia Airports Corporation Limited and Zampost have been declaring dividends to Government.
“All parastatals must be made viable and start making profit instead of only depending on Government,” he said.
He said Zamtel, ZICTA, Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), Zambia Railways Limited and the Zambia Meteorological Department which are still suckling from the Government must be transformed into profitable institutions which will be able to declare dividends to Government.
President Lungu said Zamtel has the largest network in the country and should not be getting money from Government but should instead be giving money to Government in form of dividends.
Meanwhile, Mr Mushimba said he presented his ministry’s mandate, programmes and projects being undertaken in the ministry.
Mr Mushimba said the goal of his ministry is to lower the cost of transportation and communication, create a knowledge-based society and promote ICT for all to ensure that it becomes a mode of doing business.
And Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Lloyd Kaziya said President Lungu has urged his ministry to ensure that all Zambians have easy access to clean water.
Mr Kaziya said his ministry will work hard to ensure sustainability of water resources throughout the country.
He was speaking shortly after presenting his ministry’s quarterly report to President Lungu.

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