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Lungu calls for united fight against tribalism

PRESIDENT Lungu has condemned tribalism in his call for unity and love amongst Zambians.
In his inaugural address to Parliament in Lusaka yesterday, President Lungu received a standing ovation from both the ruling and opposition members of Parliament (MPs), when he said Zambia was not founded on divisive thinking but that of unity and oneness.
“This country was founded on the firm principle of unity in diversity, and hence, our national motto, ‘One Zambia, One Nation’,” President Lungu said.
He said it is sad that hardly a day passes without having to hear or read about insinuations of tribalism.
The head of State said behaviour that celebrates disunity and anarchy must be rejected.
“I wish to call on all Zambians to live and work in unity regardless of tribe. This is why I have embarked on an ambitious crusade to promote the unity of our people and our nation,” President Lungu said.
President Lungu stated that he will continue meeting and enlisting the wisdom and support of traditional leaders and other stakeholders on his campaign against tribalism.
He said it is important for the nation to remain united if it is to move forward in its social and political development.
President Lungu implored other political leaders to join him in his crusade against tribalism.
“As a practical measure to resolve the issue of tribalism, I am directing the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to work closely with their royal highnesses in resolving outstanding wrangles between chiefdoms,” President Lungu said.
At the end of his two-hour address to Parliament, President Lungu, in an apparent demonstration of his call for love and unity took time to greet the front bench of opposition MPs from both the MMD and UPND, attracting cheers from PF MPs.

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