Letter to the Editor

Lumumba Road needs urgent attention

Dear editor,
LUMUMBA Road is in a deplorable state requiring urgent attention in terms of maintenance.

This road has some potholes despite it being a very busy one.
Vehicles moving on this road move at snail’s pace thereby causing delays to motorists either going for work or business errands as the case may be.
If the above is not good enough, these potholes can be deemed as death traps.
This is because road mishaps can occur leading to loss of lives.
I don’t understand the rationale behind neglecting this important road, which drive the economy of Zambia.
Many trucks ferrying fuel from the neighbouring countries particularly those from the northern part of Africa, pass through this road. Fuel is a critical component in the economic activities of the country.
In view of the aforegone, I earnestly appeal to the Government through the Road Development Agency (RDA) to consider repairing this road before lives are lost in road mishaps.
Moreover, it is said that prevention is better than cure.

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